About the scientific journal

The annual journal titled „Theory and Teaching Practice of Polish Language” has been around for a long time – it is being continuously published since 1977, first by the Polish Language and Literature Teaching Methodology Department, and later, between 2001 and 2019, by the Institute of Didactics for Polish Language and Literature. Since 2020 the journal has become the main platform of scientific debate for the Interdisciplinary Center of Humanist Education Research.

The title of the journal has been very precisely expressed with phrase coined by Edward Polański – „theory and practice”. From the very beginning, each issue contained multidimensional and interdisciplinary studies of both theoretical and practical value, involving Polish literature, language and culture teaching methodology. The founders of the journal always put a lot of effort so that articles covered matter of subject didactics, including modern and practical aspects of teaching, as well as scientific research topics.

The issues are intentionally eclectic and diverse in content, traditional in terms of mission related to Polish language teaching methodology, and innovative in terms of being open for bold text and cultural context interpretation.

The editorial team includes researchers and Polish language teachers such as Edward Polański, Jerzy Kram, Lidia Gilowa, Zenon Uryga, Helena Synowiec, Danuta Krzyżyk and Magdalena Ochwat.